Eliza Schulte Holliday

Eliza Schulte Holliday discovered the art of giving two-dimensional surfaces structure, color, movement and expression. Inspired by her teachers to dance with the pen, Eliza incorporates her understanding of design, type, painting, paleography and bookbinding into her calligraphic style. The many facets of Eliza's work reflect the time spent in honing her craft.

Adopting the brush as her favored tool, Eliza has co-authored "Brush Lettering" with Marilyn Reaves, another pioneer in Western brush lettering.

Eliza balances an established career in commercial lettering with her passion for the fine art aspect of words and letters.

We Make a Living (Churchill)
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In Dreams and in Love (Janos Arony)
(Life, Love, and Friendship)
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